Clever Cotton - why ?

Hello! Thanks for dropping by and reading this. 


What is Clever Cotton?

Essentially we are a business in 2 parts - a vegan organic knitwear company as well as a little department store that sells lots of pretty things that just happen to be ethical, sustainable and vegan.

Vegan Knitwear - really? Is that a thing?

We are a small business located in Blyth, Northumberland with one mission - to stop unnecessary use of petrochemicals in the fashion industry and to provide a real alternative to wool. We only use organic, vegan friendly cotton yarns and occasionally recycled denim. Fashion shouldn't cost the earth!

The problem with acrylic...

In a nutshell, its a petrol derivative. Massive environmental impact to make, and very hard to recycle. It's a scarce resource and in our opinion could be put to such much better usage than as fashion items, especially when there are alternatives available which are kinder on the environment. 

The problem with wool...

Many people have issues with wool - ethical, environmental and even for health reasons. 

Ethical - wool is a by-product of the meat industry and therefore is not cruelty free.

Environmental - there is a massive environmental impact when it comes to intensive farming. This does not site well with people following a plant based diet for environmental reasons

Health - many people are allergic to lanolin, an oil contained in wool. 

Why cotton?

When grown in a sustainable manner, its the ideal alternative to acrylic and wool - this is why we only use organic yarn. Nothing is ever a perfect solution, but we feel this is going some way to minimise environmental impact of what we do.

Why Clever Cotton?

Cotton yarn does tend to be thin, and traditionally seen as more suited to summer / lightweight wear - we want to change that! Through clever design, we will produce items that are substantial, warm and above all wearable. We're not fast fashion - we keep minimal stock levels and all items are knitted to order. We realise we are not cheap, but our items are made to last - whilst we have a nod to what is fashionable, we ai to make classic items that can be worn year in year out and not contributing the the environmental and ethical problems outlined above!



Q: I'm after something in a different size / colour /style. Can you make it for me?

Email me on with what you are after and we will talk!