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London Wildflower

Family pottery kit - ideal family activity!

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London Wildflower at-home clay kits provide all the tools you need to get creative with clay. Whether the kit is for your family, a gift for friends or loved ones, the kit contains all you need to get started as well as a guide containing pottery techniques and projects.

Air dry clay is an incredibly versatile medium used by artists of all ages. It is suitable for a wide variety of arts and craft projects, from succulent planters to necklaces, hanging mobiles or decorations for your home.

Our air dry clay is soft and satisfying to work with, being very similar in texture to kiln-baked clay due to it’s mineral composition. The clay is non-toxic and contains small fibres within it which help strengthen your creation when it is dry. The clay dries naturally within 24-72 hours depending on the size of your project, with no kiln or oven heating required.

Our step-by-step guide included in the kit contains detailed instructions for how to work with clay, including pottery techniques, as well as ideas for clay projects and step-by-step project guides.

This kit contains a range of professional metal tools, from a wire cutter to help you easily divide your clay, to a ribbon tool which you can use to sculpt your creations.

The family pottery kit contains:

Air Dry Clay (2kg)
4x Wooden Boards
4x Small Rolling Pins
4x Potters Pin Tools
4x Ribbon Tools
4x Sponges
4x Water Containers
4x Sandpaper
4x Paint Brushes
Wire Cutter Tool
Scraper Tool
Smoother Tool
Rib Tool
1x Instruction Booklet

This is an ideal gift for a family activity with lots of tools to experiment with and enjoy. Please note that the kit components may vary in shape and appearance from the ones pictured. This kit contains sharp objects.

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