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Katia Re-Tape Craft: a recycled cotton yarn

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Katia orders: 1st of every month. Minimum order quantity: 4 balls of same shade. 

Re-Tape Craft is a sustainable yarn made with polyester from plastic bottles and recycled cotton. This new version features a fun spray effect print on an off-white base. Discover a wide range of natural, serene colours inspired by Nature: earth, leaves, minerals, water, fire... so you can continue to choose recycled materials for your modern, creative projects. Of course, you will also find bold, cheerful colours for a more juvenile audience. When you knit or crochet with Re-Tape Craft, you are giving waste materials a second life, becoming part of the circular economy and thus reducing the environmental impact on our planet.

Recycled Cotton 50%, Recycled polyester from plastic bottles 47%, Other fibres 3% – 50g (1oz 3/4) – Sport & 4-Ply